Parent Awareness

Parent Awareness understands the disconnects that exist between immigrant parents and their children. Waalid offers a new perspective and offers resources to parents to become more engaged in their children’s life. Waalid seeks to eliminate the communicational gap between parents and children by putting more emphasis on the parents and the importance of education.

Young Parents

Young Parents is a program that helps young parents adjust to a new life as young parents. Waalid provides various resources and makes referrals for them to succeed. Many of these resources are not limited to parent planning courses, mental health counseling, case management, etc.

Future Fathers

Future Fathers is a workshop program that assists young boys ages 16 – 22 to take action and think about their future. This program provides various career paths that they can embark on. It diverts them from the streets and takes them on a personal development journey where they can become role models to future generations.

Iqra "Read"

Read Iqra is a program dedicated to the involvement of parents in their children’s education. Waalid strives to illuminate the misconceptions of schools being viewed as daycare centers, and think of them as an institution that shapes their children's life.

Offering resources to help families find the quality child care and early education programs their children need to succeed in school and life.